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Inspired on a Sunday #1

Sundays are for laziness and to be filled with what makes us feel good, full and alive.

Sundays are made to be inspired.

I have had blogs since I started using internet. Many different ones, this one is – at least – my 8th one. And I have always admired online consistency. It is so easy to just create yourself again and erase what you don’t want to be anymore. But what you once were is part of what you are. And the first person who inspired me to be me, fully me and opened is Nirrimi.

Nirrimi is a photographer, a mama, a writer, an artist and a beautiful soul. She writes on Fire&Joy, her blog and shares pictures on instagram and much, much more. She shares her flaws and fears, her joys and pains. And her fantastic way to look at the world. She inspires me to be myself. To let my inner creativity express.

I discovered her work a few years ago thanks to a good friend of mine. I first fell in love with her pictures and then with her writing. Her kindness and the fact she doesn’t fake kept my attention. I admire her work and her lifestyle is also an inspiration.

Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite of her pictures, maybe you will re-discover her art or lay your eyes on it for the first time. Either way you’ll meet a beautiful person. Have a beautiful sunday, everyone.

All credits to Nirrimi.

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