#1 What matters to me

What matters
I’ve always had a problem with small talk. Not only am I very bad at it, conversation is full of blanks and my brain is running to find clever things to say ( which often ends up with “you have a very pretty dress”), but I really, reallydon’t like it. Most of the time I’m the girl sitting in the kitchen with the same person for the whole party, talking about the world or deep beliefs. I’ve watched many videos about the art of small talk. And discovered one about how to avoid it. It’s quite simple really. It’s just a matter to ask the questions that are important to you.

So, I thought about it. What is important to me? What do I want to know about people? What can lead to hours of deep talking, making everyone leaving the conversation feeling filled. I listed those questions and decided to share the answers here. To spread the love. And maybe widen the thoughts. Have a new way to look at those questions.Or just think about them.

These questions are about what matters, and it’s only fair for me to be the first to answer it as they can be intimidating.

What MattersWho are you?

I try to be myself, and it’s a lot of work. I am not one. I am multiple. Trying to fit all my selves in me. In no order: creative, stressed, unconfident, introvert, curious, Aquarius, French, woman, traveller, reader, writer, drawer, lover, daughter, sister, friend. I am looking for myself, growing up, learning, finding answer and asking questions. 

I am Cloé, vegetarian, selfish, generous, patient, impatient, yoga lover, sea addict, bed fan. I am changing, wondering, arguing. I’m calm, nervous, friendly, grumpy. I change and I stay myself. 

This is a difficult question. But I am. Me. 

Multiple, then. 

What is happiness?

A deep feeling coming from inside. Like a warm fire. Not always around and suddenly warming me up. A feeling of fulfilment, peace. The sensation the universe is here. The understanding, for a very short time, of everything. It’s being amazed by what I see. Realizing the magic of existing. 

Happiness is deep, it can’t always be felt but it’s a present. And the more I experience it, the more I can fill myself with it. 

For every day I have joy, and every day I try to experience happiness. 

What are your biggest dreams?

Finding myself and feeling totally aligned. Life, soul, wishes, actions. 

In my dreams, I live in a bamboo house I built, with my husband and kids (lots of them – kids, I mean). My friends are not far and I work from home, drawing, writing and creating. I take part in protecting our planet. I grow my vegetables and cook. I’m in love and I go to the beach often. I don’t use a car and I can eat tropical fruits almost all year round. I do yoga every day and I share what I know about Ayurveda, massages and anything related to wellbeing. 

What is important?

Being. Not only existing but living. Living by being. By taking this present and being present. Living every second of it. It doesn’t mean filling it all the time. It means being here and now. And feeling it. Being yourself, being the person you want to be where you want. Every day a little bit more. 

What matters

What do you believe in?

Everything and everyone is linked. It is possible to feel it. The universe is a whole and nothing has no sense. It is conspiring in my favour. It is one and I am part of it. 

What are you afraid of?

Losing myself. My time. My ideals. 

What inspire you?

The most? Talking with people. For hours. 

What would you change?

My shyness. My tendency to hold on the past. Nothing. Everything. Probably nothing, because everything brought me here. 

Are you happy?

I am, at this moment exactly, I am. 

Anything to ad?

I would love to read your answers, and talk about it with you. Yes, you. Do you want to? Send me a message (cloe.ab@gmail.com), or leave a comment. Please. And if you want to talk more about it, let’s meet, skype or write! What matters

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