Yummy apple compote

Until fairly recently I thought I didn’t like cooking. And I became vegetarian and curious about food, the food that was entering my body. So I started cooking and enjoyed it. The feeling of accomplishment it brings by creating something that I can use, the peacefulness of that moment in the kitchen. But I don’t always have much time. Or many ingredient. Sometimes I just want a quick snack. My sweet mouth and I love this compote recipe. Simple, quick and delicious. 


For a big glass of compote

4 apples – all types can work, some just take longer

1 spoon of cinnamon – (or less, or more as you like, or vanilla !)

1 saucepan


1 hour for yourself

Slice the apples in small pieces, get rid of the seeds, I keep the skin but it depends on your taste, put the pieces of apple in the pan, pour water in the pan until it covers the apples.

Put the pan on the cooker until the water boils, once it boiling cover the pan and diminish the temperature.

While it’s cooking take a book, watch inspiring videos, listen to a podcast. Do good to yourself.

Regularly check that there’s still water in the pan and that apples are not sticking, once apples are soft add cinnamon.

The compote is ready whenever you are happy with the texture!

Eat cold, on it own or on bread, crepes or with biscuits! Pour coconut powder on it or add pieces of fruits!

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