What Matters

#2 What matters to mamé

I love meeting people. And having endless conversation. But I hate small talk. After watching a ted talk about how to avoid it I wrote the questions I wanted to ask every person I knew and meet in order to avoid the superficial discussion and bond with them. And I decided to ask them. Here are the answers.

What mattersRoots are a part of what shape us and I have always been fascinated by history. History in general and my history in particular. My family history. This episode of what matters is dedicated to my grand mother . My mother’s mother. Things are not always simple or straight in families but it creates a part of who we are. By understanding and knowing better where we are coming from, we might end up understanding ourselves a tiny bit better. This interview is part of this process of discovering and understanding. Because family matters, because in order to grow you must know your roots, rely and take care of them,I chose to ask her the questions that matter.

Meet my grandmother, a woman, a human being, without who I wouldn’t be on this planet.

Who are you?

Your grandmother, mamé

What is happiness?

Health for the people I love?

What are your biggest dreams?

Going to Bruges

What matters

What is important?


What do you believe in?

Human being

What are you afraid of?

World’s situation

What inspire you?


What would you change?

Kids slavery, world’s hunger

Are you happy?

I have moments of happiness

What would you like to ad?

In life there are doubts, annoying things and fights with friends or family members but it is very important to keep faith

You want to answer my questions? Send me an email cloe.ab@gmail.com.

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