Be inspired

Inspired on a sunday #3

Sundays are for laziness and to be filled with what makes us feel good, full and alive.

Sundays are made to be inspired.

I have, and I am still, been struggling a lot with doing what I want. Really want. Doing at all to be honest. I am much of a thinker, a dreamer and thought-wanderer and I used not to be a doer. I’ve been saying for years I want to write. Not really doing it. Not committing to anything. Drawing, travelling, doing yoga. I was thinking about it. A lot. Not acting. For many reasons, fears, social acceptation, laziness as well. It changed – a bit – with one of the worst and more interesting experiences of my life and Caisey Neistat videos. I started understanding what is it to be a do-er.

Caisey inspired me on this. Acting. He often says that a great idea is nothing without action. Do. So I got more into the doing part of things. Kicking my bum to do. But some things seemed so out of my reach that I wouldn’t give it a try. Oh, I had glimpse of energy and took action over some of my dream. But always stopped after a few trial, days or even hours. Because someone would tell me I’m unrealistic, because I remember words of being “not enough”, “not talented”, because I start comparing myself to other. Unreachable goals.

I ended up doing nothing and living in my dream. And I read again and again about motivation, taking action, believing in myself and it’s an endless circle. Until I discovered this, this week. A video by the very inspirational Caisey Neistat.

Do what you can’t. Because you’ll do it. You could fail but you could succeed. And it goes far beyond this. So just watch it. And do what you can’t.

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