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#3 What matters to Rory

I love meeting people. And having endless conversation. But I hate small talk. After watching a ted talk about how to avoid it I wrote the questions I wanted to ask every person I knew and meet in order to avoid the superficial discussion and bond with them. And I decided to ask them. Here are the answers.
Some people enter your life as if they were always here. And it just clicks. Everything feel so natural. Rory is one of these special persons for me. He walked in my life and brightened it with his positivity and always happy mood. His never ending smile as well as his focused mind, his playful ways and “everything is possible” mindset are fascinating and the best companions to my days.

I could not resist asking me my questions. Not to avoid small talk, but because I was genuinely interested in the answers. As his vision of life is so naturally positive I thought the world should also discover them!

Meet Rory, a traveller and a warm ray of sunshine for anyone who, like me, is sometimes filled with doubts and fears, wonders and on the path to a more serene life!

 Who are you?

 Rory Gillett, son of Geoffrey Gillett and heir to the seven rivers of Babylon.

I am an avid-explorer – in both mind and spirit – and wannabee entrepreneur.


What is happiness?

 Being content. If in the moment, you are smiling and no negative thoughts cloud your mind you are happy.


What are your biggest dreams?

 Philanthropy. I don’t look at philanthropy and think I will do this because I want to help people, the reasoning is more selfish than that, it is because making a difference to someone’s life no matter how small gives me a sense of fulfilment. It’s a win-win situation, both parties benefit, and I am sure it is the reason why anyone supports a charity or donates their time and money to a cause or an individual.

So, I dream to be in a position where my businesses run themselves and I can return to Malawi (and probably other countries I am yet to visit) and offer my time and knowledge to kick start social enterprises and make a real long-standing difference to as many lives as possible.


What is important?

 Time. Time is the most you can ever give someone or something. If you don’t give people or projects your time you won’t reap any reward. And vice versa if people don’t give you their time then they don’t really care for you and you shouldn’t spend your time on them. It’s something you can’t get back so spend it wisely.


What do you believe in?

 Self-fulfilment. Don’t spend your life trying to please others or working a job to make ends meet. Live for yourself, not for the man or your peers.


What are you afraid of?

 Fear doesn’t plague my mind. I don’t care too much for the future. I think if you are living in the here and now you don’t tend to worry so much. People tend to worry about the future, which leads to fear of failing in a certain aspect of life be it work or love. However, I don’t see the point in worrying about something that has not yet and may never happen.


 What would you change?

 Hmm, maybe I would have spent more time on the golf course as a junior – I was good at sports but I was very shy. I passed up opportunities to try different things such as motocross and play a round of golf with other junior golfers, who I didn’t know. So, if I could go back and speak to the 9/10/11/12/13/14 year old me I would tell him to just say yes – take every opportunity.


Are you happy?

 Yes! I have people around me who love me. If you have that you have no reason to be unhappy.


What would you like to add…?

 Don’t live a sheltered life. It’s a big beautiful planet we live on, go see it!

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