Inspired on a sunday #4

Sundays are for laziness and to be filled with what makes us feel good, full and alive.

Sundays are made to be inspired.

My prose has no individual style as such, but is rather an unspoken and still unexpressed groping toward the personal. There is something there that wants to come out; something of my own that must be said. Yet, perhaps, words are not the way for me.

Neal Cassady

I discovered Neal Cassady while listening to a podcast about writing last week. Someone said about it that he is the best writer, and major authors said so as well. They read an extract of one of the letters he wrote. And I found it extraordinary. It is like a soul shared between words. It is unexplainable.

This quote here touched me deeply. Because I write and I feel like him about my writing. So exactly as he says. It is something that wants to come out and it must be said. Stories on the tip of my fingers. But stories words might not be able to tell, yet it is my way of expressing myself.

I fell in love with the extract I read. And again with this quote. I am now starting to read Collected letters.

It is my inspiration of the week. My inspiration to write and try to share my stories.

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