What Matters

#4 What matters to Adalaïs

I love meeting people. And having endless conversation. But I hate small talk. After watching a ted talk about how to avoid it I wrote the questions I wanted to ask every person I knew and meet in order to avoid the superficial discussion and bond with them. And I decided to ask them. Here are the answers.

Adalaïs, a unique name for a very unique human being. Woman, entrepreneur, student, friend, and not necessarily in this order. She is one of those people from whom the sun is shining and the energy is spreading. She activates my brain, my smile and make the world brighter. Adalaïs is a friend and therefore a person I admire and I deeply love spending time with. Hours of discussion. About anything and everything. From girl’s chat to deep religion conversation.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask her the questions that matters to me. The questions that open my mind, resonate in my heart. Her answers are a new light upon those questions.

Who are you? 

I am Adalaïs Choy, I am 25 years old, I live in Paris and I come from the north of France. I am a student-entrepreneur: studying at the Louvre School I also co-founded a startup (Covoiture-art.com) and president of my School’s Junior Company.

I am a funny-full of energy young woman I think. My hair is brown and almost never capped. I am a melting pot myself as I have Chinese, Spanish and Flamish ancestors! Result: I have my eyes slashed and prominent cheekbones when I smile, my skin is slightly dark, and when I am tired my northern accent comes back (lightly, huh!)

I am small and curvy (I like eating a little bit too much) and I almost never work out but I am always running somewhere. You’ll often find me in the Parisian subway and streets going to a class, a meeting or for a drink with my friends!

I believe I am an enthusiastic and optimistic person but as everybody I have my moments of doubts and sadness.

What is happiness?

It is the small (or big!) moments of happiness, felicity or admiration. It can be a passionate discussion, a mad laugh or a hug with my friends or my boyfriend. It is also a breakfast with my family and my friends in the garden of my holiday home in Rennes-les-Bains. It is the sunrise over the mountain, the beauty of the light on the river, a blossoming flower that we see while walking the countryside, and of course it is a piece of art that touches you.

It can also be a fantastic meal with a good glass of wine (with moderation!) shared by people I care about.

It can be a busy day during which we learnt about ourselves or tohers.

It is being proud of what have been accomplished, looking behind and thinking “I did it”.

L’idéal ? Avoir une longue vie heureuse et sans embuche (ils vécurent heureux et eurent beaucoup d’enfants, ahah), ou en tout cas avec des soucis moins importants que j’ai pu connaître pendant mon adolescence.

J’aimerais réussir mes projets et atteindre mon ambition professionnelle pour pouvoir avoir la chance de voyager, de vivre mes passions, d’offrir une vie agréable à mon couple et ma famille et des cadeaux à mes ami(e)s ! Avoir un métier qui me plait et me passionne, être heureuse et épanouie, tout simplement.

What are your biggest dreams?

Ideally? To have a long and happy life without pitfalls (and they lived happily ever after… Hahaha!) or at least no problems as those I went through when I was a teenager.

I also would like to succeed in my project and reach my professional ambition so I can travel, make a living of my passions, offer a good life to my relationship, my family and gifts to my friends! To have a job I like and I’m passionate about, be happy and blooming.

What is important?

Art, culture, our beautiful planet, life, love, friendship, shared happy moment, discoveries, friends, family, Him (and not necessarily in this order)

What do you believe in?

I believe, or I hope I believe in goodness and intelligence in human kind. I also try to believe in myself. I believe there’s a path for each of us, a kind of destiny written for each person. Nothing happen by chance, everything is a question of choice, destiny (and luck), in my opinion.

What are you afraid of?

Current drifts, bad news we hear every day, fanatics who destroy all signs of freedom and kill life and historical heritage.

On a more personal level, I am also sometimes afraid of not succeeding, not being enough, put too much pressure on myself… but after giving it a thought I tell myself there’s worse in life, I try to relax and everything is fine!

What inspire you? 

Dedicated men and women who are changing the world at their scale. They can be known or not, important or not but they are doing their best for things to change.

And of course, great writers and artist, art in general that allow us to think we can outgrow our simple condition.

 What would you change?

Nothing, as I said, I have the feeling nothing happen by chance and everything is written. If I were to change one thing everything might change, and I don’t want this.

Are you happy?

Yes but I might be too stressed and tired sometimes

What would you like to add…

That I love my friend Cloé who is a fantastic girl ❤ (Thank you)

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