Inspired on a sunday #5

Sundays are for laziness and to be filled with what makes us feel good, full and alive.

Sundays are made to be inspired.

This video doesn’t make me fill good. But for sure it helped comforting my decisions of avoiding these fast fashion brands. For ethical reasons. To be honest I bought H&M products recently. Because it was cheap and quick. It was the first time I bought something in more than a year. Yes, living in a poor remote country forces you to review your shopping ambition. I had already done a good length of the way of reducing buys but it’s been more radical since I’m in Malawi. No shops, no money and… no “need” to buy. I am not missing it, and whenever I’m feeling down my answer isn’t shopping anymore. I realized how unfulfilling it was. And I am not less happy, no more as well. But travelling out of a (ok, two) backpack, since a year just simplified my life. And gave me a new lookout on our consumption society. This video confirmed my feeling, I thought you’d like to have a look.

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