What Matters

#5 What matters to Pauline

I love meeting people. And having endless conversation. But I hate small talk. After watching a ted talk about how to avoid it I wrote the questions I wanted to ask every person I knew and meet in order to avoid the superficial discussion and bond with them. And I decided to ask them. Here are the answers.

Pauline is one of the first person I met when I moved town to study for my masters. I was standing in our school’s backyard wondering where I was supposed to go and this little woman popped in with a big smile, asked if I were lost, kissed me on both cheeks and introduced herself in a few seconds. This is how kind and genuine she is. She made me discover the fantastic Nirrimi, brought me back to running and made me realize how some people are deeply wonderful, artist and creative mind – she’s one, of course.

Who are you?

Call me Pauline, Pops or Popi. 27 yrs old, human being building myself, permanently. future psychomotrician wearing glasses – and my student job in a connected showroom for a website selling stylish frames dont help !

What is happiness?

Happiness is such a large box of fulfilling tools. Connecting your mind and body. Breathing, feeling, growing. Connecting with others and yourself. Learning to be gentle, and trying to find the right balance to be good and do good. As long as you can.

What are your biggest dreams?

One of my biggest dream is to do everything i CAN’T do for myself cuz time flies (a bit selfish i know teehee). Just taking time to read books i bought ages ago, cooking, drawing, going to a dance class … Would like to travel to unknown places, meeting unknown people. Can i have 48 hrs in a day plz ?

What is important?

Importance means, to me, paying attention to people / nature / animals / things / concepts that move me. That make me breath, feel alive, learn to love, think, have philosophical, sociological, scientific thoughts or not. The world I live in is important to me. And those who interact with me no matter how much time or how long.

What do you believe in?

I mostly believe in friendship, love and kindness. Sounds like i could transform myself in a version of My Little Pony. But it calms down. To have faith. And to trust.

What are you afraid of?

I’m the anxious type of girl who fears almost everything. I often generate to myself some stress that was basically inexistant. I guess I’m just scared to live, not enjoying everything at 100% . A peace of mind will come, this is something i’m not worrying about.😉

What inspire you?

What inspires me ? Foodporn pictures. (Not kidding that much, kids !). Porridges – lunch or dinner meals. Books, landscapes, woods, grey skies, songs, friends i admire, passing on a kind of energy that boosts me. LITERALLY.

What would you change?

If i start with a self-centered point of view, I would say the way I look @ myself. Have to be more indulgent. Less punitive. If I look all around me, the way we understand and develop human interactions. This is where it all started from. (Except the “big bang” but nature works wonders).

Are you happy?

I think I can write that i’m happy. Beloved ones – family and friends – around me, a body functioning almost correctly, studies that grow my mind, places i can call home, readings and intermediary tools to learn from myself & others. Ideas that take shape, still. But above all, I think I start to learn what the verb “exist” means. With all its colors. And this. This makes me happy

What would you like to ad?

She asked for my address, to send me something, because she’s the kind of friend with whom I can be old school, I sent her home made cards, she sent back a letter and a book. 

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