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#6 What matters to Stephen

I love meeting people. And having endless conversation. But I hate small talk. After watching a ted talk about how to avoid it I wrote the questions I wanted to ask every person I knew and meet in order to avoid the superficial discussion and bond with them. And I decided to ask them. Here are the answers.

I met Stephen last year in very unique conditions. We were hiking a mountain with his group of friends in Malawi. 3 days and 2 nights in the nature, spending the day walking, admiring stunning views and sharing our out-of-breatheness. It is one of my best memory of Malawi. This very special moment with this group of beautiful human being. Stephen was here to volunteer and following my article about NGOs I decided to interview him and therefore decided to ask him my questions…

Who are you?

I am a changemaker, I am a lover, I am someone who believes I have a purpose in life, I am someone who believes in a god and that I am a son of that god and have potential to do so much.

What is happiness?

It is taking whatever life throws at you and making it something you can grow from. Life is not always happiness but the moments you learn from and enjoy for what they are will bring happiness.

What are your biggest dreams?

To make a difference in society, it is ambiguous and general but there a lot of paths that can lead to that. I am flexible and open to have life lead me but always with that goal in the back of my head. Right now that might be being an Ambassador and working with the UN or refugees but that can change and I am open to that change.

What is important?

Wife, family, friends, moments, knowledge, and my passions, wherever they might fall in those previous categories.

What do you believe in?

I believe in people, I believe that they are hell and heaven but that doesn’t make me not want to know them any less. I believe in a purpose in life and that spans across a variety of categories, religion for sure, family and children, career, etc.

What are you afraid of?

Spoiling my life by self indulgence in things that are not good for me. That can be an obsession or focus on anything that draws me away from others and is only about me. I see this as a waste of my talents, passions and relationships I have built.

What inspires you?

Brooke inspires me, she motivates me to be a good person and someone who can make a difference. Those that have gone before me and made such a difference, they motivate me that one person can have a difference. Those around me that are making changes, I want to learn from them.

What would you change?

I would change how much I focus on myself and things I like. I love movies and media, it’s not a bad thing but in moderation, sometimes I spend too much time and resources on that and not on things that will make a difference in my life.

Are you happy?

I am, I feel that I have hard days, weeks, etc like any person but that I try to ground myself in principles so that circumstances don’t determine my happiness.

What would you like to add?

Thank you for this reflection, it was good for me to verbalize these feelings and see what I can do more of and also what I truly believe, I appreciate this opportunity a lot.

Thank you, again for sharing this with me! 

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