findI don’t know where to start. Or how to define myself. I’m tempted to ask the people who know me the best to do it for me. But it wouldn’t be much fun in the hunt of finding who I am. Maybe a part of me believe I shouldn’t have to describe who I am. It should show here. But mostly I have no idea what to say.I’m not one. I’m a writer, a drawer, a listener. I’m shy, I’m curious. I want to create and inspire everyday. To share the beauty around me, the mess in my head. The things I learn, the things I do.

Un si beau monde means such a beautiful world. A wink to the fact I’m french. A place to share my world. To allow me to be, think, learn and do.

This tiny space in the whole universe should, letter after letter, speak for me. Show my passion for our planet, for my always evolving philosophy, for the love I have for people’s stories. For the fascination I have for human being, creativity and the need to bring good in the world.

I can’t really define myself or what this is. So, let’s be wild. Let’s not put any boundaries. Let’s be. Let’s think. Let’s learn. Let’s do. Every day.