Stephen, about changing the world

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about NGOs and how I am slightly lost and losing faith in them. And because I still want to believe that change is possible – not only in Africa but also at a planet scale (environnement…) I decided to talk about it to Stephen, a volunteer I met in Malawi last year,  and to ask him all the question I had in mind about this topic. It didn’t totally change my opinion but he gave me a little bit of faith in humanity and our ability to care and take care.



About creating, being an artist, a writer


As far as I remember I liked creating things. Drawings, stories, plays. My imagination was on an endless run. When childhood started to fade, a part of me got stopped by people’s stare or lack of attention. I still said I liked writing, and I was still drawing. Then I started believing I had not enough talent. That art was for my sister who draw so well, my cousin whom my aunt was always praising. Not for me. I put myself in a box. I stopped everything.Only recently I started talking about my writing again. Not even investing much time in it. “Nobody’s interested anyway”. Only recently I started considering this space as a form of art. Not sharing it apart with very close people. “But nobody’s reading it anyway”. Only recently I started drawing again. Not really taking it seriously. “Nobody likes them anyway”.

I have some moments in which I wonder why I am doing this. If I am not wasting my time on silly dreams. But I don’t need to be Picasso or the next Pulitzer. I love creating. Any kind of creation. It doesn’t need to be “good enough”. As long as I create and it makes me feel good. As long as it makes me feel alive. As long as I am myself. Not doing it for people’s appreciation. But for myself. First. Creating myself, basically.


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Adalaïs, the “melting pot” or how to be all you are

They say you are like the people who surround you, so chose wisely. I happen to be very lucky. I have a lot of admiration for each one of my friends. They are the family you chose, but also people who teach you, change you, make you rise. I would like to share what they bring me, their knowledge or their philosophy, their advices or their example, their ideas or their beliefs. 

I met Adalaïs thanks to the friend who changed my vision of life. And it couldn’t have been otherwise. Adalaïs is one of these rare person with whom I felt at ease as soon as I met her. She’s one of the most clever person I know as well as one of the funniest. Yes sometimes you find both in the same person. As her name is rare, she is one of a kind. I asked her many question because she’s a student in Art at the Louvre – not less !- and in business, yes again she combines things that could seem miles away. She’s also an entrepreneur, running the school’s student company and the startup she co-founded.

Amazing you say? Yes. And yet you haven’t been sitting with her hours in an ancient town while she’s telling you about the story, the mysteries and hidden treasures. Her very unique way to put things together, fascinate me. Because she shows that yes, you can be everything you feel you are. It takes time and work. Energy and courage and it is very inspiring.

If you are passionate about Art, if you love entrepreneurship or if you want to know how to make your dreams come true, you should read this!
Adalaïs Choy
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The four agreements, or the secret for inner peace

The four agreements

By awakening to life I also started realizing how much my thoughts were impacting my behaviour, my self-esteem and my global well-being. Yoga became a way to deal with it and brought me strength and calm as well as space. But still my thoughts were here. Suddenly making me feel down, keeping me away from being and enjoying the day. I was imagining dark scenarios, blaming myself constantly and spending time talking negatively. It’s a vicious circle and I could feel that it was deeply impacting me. At that time, I was feeling very lonely, lost and I didn’t know what to do to feel better. So, I just kept on doing something I loved. Reading. But instead of reading the same old kind of book I started to look at those self-development section. I wasn’t convinced by all the books. But books had always been a safe place for me, could they also be a way to enlighten my life?

The four agreements

While reading blogs about how to feel better and keeping on stumbling on the same advices, useful but not enough for how I felt like I ended up discovering a text, or short book. The Four Agreements: a practical guide to personal freedom. A very simple text to help us going through life in the happiest way. There is more in this book than the four main ideas I will share with you and it’s worth reading it but those four statements are the roots of this philosophy.

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